Easy Tech Tips

for non-techie people

Learn how to use techie devices with less stress and more confidence!

Technology Made Easy 

Many of my students have asked me who created my website and how I stay on top of my technology game. The answer is my techie husband Tom. Unlike YouTube videos, Tom explains things to me using simple words that I can understand and he knows that I don’t care to become an expert. I just want to know what buttons to push.  He developed this approach while owning a business that provided Internet service and computer support to 5,000+ college students.  


Several of you have asked if Tom would be willing to provide live Zoom workshops focusing on simple tricks to make using computers, tablets, smartphones, and Alexa less stressful, more enjoyable, more productive, and easier to use.  Tom has agreed to teach you these tips and will keep the number of workshop participants small to provide one-on-one attention as needed. His tips are the same tricks techie people use to move quickly and easily through technological devices. Depending on the nature of the workshop, you can actually follow along on your device, duplicating each of his moves. 


Live Open Enrollment Zoom Workshops

in the comfort of your home

(anyone can register)

Windows 10

Workshop #101

Two 1-hour days - 10 Students

Easy tips to get more done with less effort and less frustration

thread  sketching zoom workshop

These tips WILL make for a faster, more enjoyable, more productive, and less stressful computer experience.  They are simple and easy to learn.  The workshop uses non-techie words.  The workshop is not intended to make you a computer geek but will show you the buttons to push to give you the same benefits Geeks enjoy. Come join me for a fun enlightening experience!

What's included:

  • Live demonstrations and discussion of tips
  • Hands-on application of tips on your computer
  • Tip reference sheets
  • After class email support until you master these tips
  • Two weeks access to workshop video
  • Easy retrieval of a deleted photo or document
  • Increase the text size on your computer screen
  • Superfast way to find documents, photos, and apps
  • A quick fix for a slow computer
  • Taskbar - The secret tip to simplify the use of a computer
  • Must have a Windows 10 computer

  • Must have a Zoom account