@Home with Nancy

Live Zoom thread painting quilt workshops in the comfort of your home

Fun and easy!

  • No moving equipment and material from quilting room and back again
  • No unpacking and repacking sewing machine and materials
  • No leaving required items at home
  • No time wasted traveling
  • No leaving pets or loved ones alone
  • More comfortable environment for introverts
  • Comfort and convenience of home setting
  • Steps away from the kitchen for snacks and lunch
  • Opportunity to meet people from other states and countries
  • Classes and lectures are available in remote areas

The beauty of a Zoom workshop is the workshop comes to you. The Zoom process is quite simple. A Zoom link will be emailed to each student which enables them to enter the workshop. Color slides and up-to-date camera technology provide an up-close view of each step of the project providing each student a front-row seat.

While I will not be there to look over each student’s shoulder, my aim is to make it feel like I am. Just as in an on-site workshop I will be available during my live open enrollment quilt workshops to answer questions or to critique student’s work throughout the day of the workshop. These virtual workshops are Open Enrollment so anyone can register.



Over the past eighteen years, Nancy, an award-winning quilter, has been teaching her award-winning thread painting techniques at quilt guilds and shows all over the world. Her quilts have won many top awards in the quilting world including quilting's top award, Best of Show at The International Quilt Show.  Nancy's classes are designed to allow each student to progress at their own pace, and her teaching skills include providing effective one-on-one consultation as the need arises. As a virtual quilt teacher, she earns high praise from her students for the clear presentation of thread painting class material while maintaining an enjoyable classroom environment. 

Live Open Enrollment Quilt Workshops

(anyone can register)

Simple Thread Painting

3 Hours Zoom Workshop - 20 Students

A simple project to start with

Live Open Enrollment Quilt Workshops

Never thread painted before? Then this workshop is a great place to start. A straight and zigzag stitch are the little workhorses and a pre-printed design easily guides you through each step so no stress about how to proceed. The Zoom presentation is almost like having a private lesson with me. So why not spend a few hours and learn a new technique to add to your quilting arsenal.

Country Threads

3 Hours Zoom Workshop - 20 Students

Using a zigzag stitch

thread  painting zoom workshop

A simple design, a few spools of thread, and a willingness to learn are all that is required to be successful in this workshop. This workshop is a great way to ease into thread painting and learn the basics – a good refresher if you have already taken a workshop from me. It’s fun and addictive. So come and have some fun.

Thread Sketching to Enhance a Photo

6 Hours Zoom Workshop - 20 Students

thread  sketching zoom workshop

Many of us have a photograph we would love to enhance through thread but just aren’t sure how to go about it. A photograph was used to print fabric of a cute little dog. This fabric becomes the background to learn to use thread to enhance the fabric with thread sketching. By the end of the workshop, you will be confident to transfer what you have learned on a photograph of your own. We will also discuss printing on fabric and the importance of value in thread selection.  So come and have some fun.

Embellishing Fabric with Thread Painting

6 Hours Zoom Workshop - 20 Students

thread  sketching zoom workshop

Black and white fabric is prevalent in most quilt shops and is a very creative option to thread paint some amazing designs. Thread painting on commercial fabric is as easy as 1.2.3. In this workshop you will learn how to blend thread to make the finished flower look realistic. With a printed design, it is easy to begin your thread painting adventure. The comprehensive video will guide you through each step of the project and is almost like having a private lesson with me. Once you have taken this class, you will never look at black and white fabric the same!!